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Welcome to Azalea

A Lenexa, KS, Med Spa that makes beauty a treat.

You could travel the globe searching for paradise. Or, you could come to Azalea: a truly unique luxury Lenexa Medical Spa that brings a treasure trove of globally-inspired indulgences directly to you.

Here, you can lounge and restore yourself in a rejuvenating oasis of opulence as our aesthetic specialists tend to your skin and beauty needs. From the moment you discover us, you will know that what you’ve found is not just a med spa. You’ve found Azalea.

The World’s Beauty is in Our Hands

Meet your Azalea aesthetic specialists

Azalea is a place unlike any other because our aesthetic specialists have resources and skills that other Kansas City Med Spas simply can’t offer. Our highly-trained team brings in beauty secrets and technologies from around the world that will delight and astonish you with their gorgeous results. After each visit to Azalea, you won’t be able to wait to come back and feel like the best and most beautiful version of yourself once again.

aesthetic specialists

Yes, Toto…

We’re still in Kansas.

From the moment you walk through our door, “WOW” is the word we love to hear the most. Our aim is to astonish, delight, and surprise you at every turn. To accomplish this, the founders of Azalea Medical Spa have quite literally traveled the globe to bring home to the communities of Lenexa, Overland Park, and Kansas City the very best the world has to offer in a boutique, catered, luxury aesthetic experience. While our globally-inspired indulgences are designed to pamper you and “take you away” to a magical place, our warm and inclusive culture will instantly make you feel relaxed and welcomed among professional friends, here at home. You won’t find any place quite like Azalea, right here in Kansas.

still in Kansas
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You’re one-of-a-kind!

Your med spa experience should be, too.

At Azalea Medical Spa, we regard every client as a beautiful and unique individual—who visits our practice for an experience custom-tailored exclusively for them.

See Your Beauty Bloom

Med Spa Procedures in Lenexa, KS

Beauty requires attention. As flowers blossom when given water, light, and nourishment, our aesthetic professionals at Azalea have the treatments and products to keep you feeling and looking your absolute best. Explore our most popular treatments and see how Babylon can help keep you radiant.

Inner Beauty

Channel Your Inner Beauty

Injectables and Fillers in Lenexa, KS

Whoever first said “beauty isn’t skin deep” was actually more biologically correct than they thought! Your body has the tools to generate beautiful skin… it just needs a little guidance. That’s where microneedling comes into play. Through microneedling, our aesthetic specialists create microchannels in the skin that fill with collagen and other biological building blocks of beauty, creating smooth, even, beautiful skin in the process.

Inner Beauty

The Power of You

Lenexa, KS, PRP Treatments

The power of platelets! The evolution of platelet-based aesthetic treatments like platelet-rich plasma (PRP) captivates the aesthetic world, which is why Azalea Med Spa had to bring this next-level treatment to Lenexa, KS. Using the concentrated power of a sample of your blood, our aesthetic specialists can supercharge your skin’s restorative properties, with results you will definitely love noticing in the mirror!

Inner Beauty

Less Work, More Results


How long would it take you to do 30 THOUSAND crunches? With Emsculpt Neo’s incredible HIFEM+ technology, you can get the same results as doing tens of thousands of sit-ups in just 30 minutes! Emsculpt Neo burns fat, builds muscle, and defines your body without you lifting a finger. Schedule your Emsculpt Neo session today to discover a workout that is focused on getting results, not work.

Inner Beauty

Smooth Energy


At Azalea, our laser aesthetic specialists harness the power of light to deliver smooth, even skin that gets noticed. Our laser skin treatments and laser hair removal treatments are a great fit for most skin types and can treat everything from out-of-place hair to skin discoloration and wrinkles. Get a skin assessment at Azalea and let our aesthetic specialists give you the glowing skin you deserve.

Inner Beauty

Fulfill Your Destiny


This is your life. You get to choose how you live it. When you choose a life of beauty with help from the aesthetic specialists at Azalea, you can preserve and optimize the natural beauty you have through targeted interventions like injectable treatments and dermal fillers. These potent serums reduce the visibility of wrinkles, counteract the volume loss that comes with age, and help you choose to support your ideal looks for life.

Inner Beauty

A Deeper Clean


If you’ve never experienced a HydraFacial, you’ve never felt what it feels like to have a face that is truly clean. HydraFacial’s unique three-step process cleanses and exfoliates the skin, extracts impurities from pores with painless, gentle suction, and hydrates the skin with a personalized blend of serums that leave your skin positively glowing and healthy. Treat yourself to the feeling of true cleanliness with a HydraFacial today.

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Because Beauty is Worth Celebrating

A trip to Azalea can make any occasion more special

The beauty of our namesake flower, the azalea, captures the hearts of communities around the world. From Asia to the Americas, cities hold Azalea festivals each year to celebrate rebirth, renewal, and the beauty of life. Azalea Med Spa does the same for our patients. Be it a wedding, anniversary, birthday, promotion, big meeting, or just a day where you need some extra pampering, Azalea’s aesthetic specialists are here to make your day a little more beautiful.

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